Fee & Funding

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Care fees and funding for your Care

Our fees are very competitive and in line with other Care providers in the area. We strive very hard to provide quality of service and value for money at the same time. Our rates are in line with most Social Service departments throughout the country and are based on your needs. Our managers will carry out a full needs assessment at your place of choice; we welcome trial stays at our homes. We do not charge third party ‘top ups’.

This section is designed to provide a brief overview of how care and support for older people can be accessed and funded.

The care home funding flow chart illustrates the main factors affecting nursing home fees and residential home fees.

care funding flow chart


For a more in-depth guide on how to arrange the support of a care provider or access

the funding you may be entitled to, we recommend that you visit the following advice websites:

Age UK – Care Home Advice

NHS – Care Home Advice CareAware

UK - Elderly Care Funding Advice


(helping you understand how to afford and pay for care)

If you live in Lincolnshire, visit the following website for a wealth of information and the range of choices available in the county:-


For other counties, search for the Social Services department of your respective County Council.