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State of care report 2010/11 CQC care report This report is also available in easy read, large print and audio formats

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Residents Charter (Residents rights in care homes)

At Wyngate Residential Care Home we recognise our Residents as individuals, each with individual needs.

This Charter has been drawn up to ensure that all of our Residents have the right to:

1 Have a quality of life where they are addressed as they wish, receive visitors at any reasonable time and have their medical, nursing and personal care needs met in privacy.

3 Be cared for and have the full support of Trained and Care Staff to assist them when necessary.

4 Have all human, emotional, social, religious and cultural needs respected and fulfilled.

5 Have a choice of entertainment made available on a regular basis to accommodate the majority of the Resident's tastes. To be informed of entertainment within the local community and have arrangements made on their behalf for them to attend if they wish.

6 Be informed of all aspects of their condition and treatment.

7 Be entitled to all the usual facilities available to other people living in the community, including the right to retain the Doctor of their choice and have the ability to speak in private with Family, Friends, Clergymen, Solicitors or any other person.

8 Confidentiality of Personal, Medical and Financial records and access to Nursing and Medical notes.

9 Access at any reasonable time to the Proprietors/Home Managers.

10 Be provided with appetising/ nourishing and adequate portions of food and snacks when required/ including any special diets.

11 Be provided with adequate and appropriate accommodation of an acceptable standard and be encouraged to bring any personal belongings they need to make themselves feel at home including items of personal furniture that can be reasonably accommodated.

12 Receive private correspondence and have access to a telephone and be able to use it in privacy.

13 Be involved in drawing up their own Care Plan with the Home and having their needs regularly reviewed by the Care Team.

14 Have their Care delivered to them as if they were in their own home enabling them to handle their own medications where competent to do so.

15 Make a complaint and have it dealt with thoroughly / quickly and impartially and are informed of the outcome without fear of recrimination. A contract setting out Terms and Conditions of Residence is given to each resident upon arrival.